Lifecycle Performance

By planning an optimal route that looks at distance and predicted currents of weather/wind direction and strength/sea conditions, ShipSure can improve your voyage performance. Reduce the distance travelled and the amount of fuel consumed while optimising your speed and minimising slip.

  • Understand fuel efficiency, voyage planning, and possible weather impacts
  • Benchmark your vessel voyage against decades of comprehensive data to find the optimal route for your vessel
  • Monitor your voyage performance, allowing a comprehensive report on all holistic factors impacting the voyage
  • Enable early conversations, interventions and decisions with dynamic reporting
  • Allow ship and shore to make informed decisions for an effective route to your destination
  • Monitoring and enabling optimised fuel consumed for your voyage
  • Sourcing data from various entry points for operators to identify fuel-efficient voyages

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Vessel & Machinery Performance

By monitoring, predicting, and taking proactive action to increase hull and machinery efficiency, ShipSure can optimise ship speed and fuel consumption.

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Compliance & Environmental

From monitoring and reporting your vessel’s emissions, ShipSure can help improve and optimise vessel performance and increase environmental sustainability.

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Integrated Asset Performance

By combining Lifecycle and System Performance with Predictive Health and Data from every area of your vessels operation, we deliver clear insights to information decisions and drive efficiency and profitability.

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Predictive Health

Predictive Health analyses multiple channels via a common hierarchy to assess and identify potential ‘health issues’ with the vessels performance, efficiency and reliability.

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