Predictive Health

Predictive Health analyses multiple channels via a common hierarchy to assess and identify potential ‘health issues’ with the vessels performance, efficiency and reliability.

Planned Maintenance

  • Hourly based works
  • Calendar based works
  • Event based works
  • Following manufacturers guidelines
  • Unplanned and unscheduled work

Manufacturers & Class Guidelines

Cloud assessment helping clients leverage the cloud

  • OEM Maintenance Plans
  • OEM Condition based Guidance
  • Updated Service Bulletins

Operational Performance

  • Routine measurement
  • Speed, RPM, Pressure, Temperature
  • Testing
  • Trends vs Historical date (e-log Book)
  • Defect Reporting

Condition Based Monitoring

  • Systematic recording of condition
  • Fluids
  • Vibration
  • Thermographic
  • Acoustic and Electrical Motor & Distribution Systems

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Vessel & Machinery Performance

By monitoring, predicting, and taking proactive action to increase hull and machinery efficiency, ShipSure can optimise ship speed and fuel consumption.

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Lifecycle Performance

By planning an optimal route that looks at distance and predicted currents of weather/wind direction and strength/sea conditions, ShipSure can improve your voyage performance.

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Compliance & Environmental

From monitoring and reporting your vessel’s emissions, ShipSure can help improve and optimise vessel performance and increase environmental sustainability.

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Integrated Asset Performance

By combining Lifecycle and System Performance with Predictive Health and Data from every area of your vessels operation, we deliver clear insights to information decisions and drive efficiency and profitability.

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