Predictive Health

Predictive Health analyses multiple channels via a common hierarchy to assess and identify potential ‘health issues’ with the vessels performance, efficiency and reliability.

Planned Maintenance

  • Hourly based works
  • Calendar based works
  • Event based works
  • Following manufacturers guidelines
  • Unplanned and unscheduled work

Manufacturers & Class Guidelines

Cloud assessment helping clients leverage the cloud

  • OEM Maintenance Plans
  • OEM Condition based Guidance
  • Updated Service Bulletins

Operational Performance

  • Routine measurement
  • Speed, RPM, Pressure, Temperature
  • Testing
  • Trends vs Historical date (e-log Book)
  • Defect Reporting

Condition Based Monitoring

  • Systematic recording of condition
  • Fluids
  • Vibration
  • Thermographic
  • Acoustic and Electrical Motor & Distribution Systems

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