Compliance & Environmental

From monitoring and reporting your vessel’s emissions, ShipSure can help improve and optimise vessel performance and increase environmental sustainability. Ensuring both your compliance and your vessel’s environmental credentials for the future.

Compliance Services

  • Bunker Barratry Prevention – monitoring and assisting the owner to prevent fuel theft
  • EU MRV (approved reporting for over 550 vessels) – monitor CO2 emissions of your vessel conducted in EU
  • IMO DCS (approved reporting for over 550 vessels) – monitor fuel consumption

Environmental Sustainability

Dashboard monitoring and reporting on CO2, SOx, and NOx (Carbon dioxide, Nitrogen oxide and Sulphur oxide) production

  • The indication of a lost environmental opportunity
  • Trending of emissions per nautical mile
Providing insights and data to allow our Owners to improve their environmental footprint
  • Environmental Sustainability Index Services - allowing our clients to receive significant scheme benefits dependent on ports visited, vessel size and program participation, provided on a ‘no win, no fee basis’
  • Green Ship Imitative Services – working with our Owners, we seek to assist them in maximising their opportunities within regional and port specific environmental schemes
  • Economic Incentives for Panama registered vessels – working with Owners of Panama flagged vessels to receive annual tonnage fee discounts based on their vessel’s environmental credentials

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Vessel & Machinery Performance

By monitoring, predicting, and taking proactive action to increase hull and machinery efficiency, ShipSure can optimise ship speed and fuel consumption.

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Lifecycle Performance

By planning an optimal route that looks at distance and predicted currents of weather/wind direction and strength/sea conditions, ShipSure can improve your voyage performance.

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Integrated Asset Performance

By combining Lifecycle and System Performance with Predictive Health and Data from every area of your vessels operation, we deliver clear insights to information decisions and drive efficiency and profitability.

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Predictive Health

Predictive Health analyses multiple channels via a common hierarchy to assess and identify potential ‘health issues’ with the vessels performance, efficiency and reliability.

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