The crewing section is a comprehensive marine workforce platform, which is designed to support the full lifecycle of crew management from recruitment through to assignments, training and retention.


Quickly find the right seafarer under time pressure to meet vessel requirements. The platform allows candidate screening through the platform.


Planning optimisation and mobilisation tracking to and from vessel. Gantt view planning tool specialised for managing short and long-term crew rotations on single or multiple vessels. Provides report on and control of planning, monitoring and crewing operations. Secure and systematic approach to managing sensitive personal information and crew changes.


Ensure competent and compliant crew to meet specific vessel requirements with comprehensive management of crew certification. Task Manager to ensure training and documentation is in place to assure compliant mobilisation. Visibility of both seafarer and vessel performance to actively support career development.


Actively monitors travel and overlap days to control costs. Mobilisation task management, tracking and integration with internal and external services such as travel, medical, visa, flag state.

Welfare, Work & Rest

For tracking, recording and approving the hours worked to ensure health and welfare of the crew in compliance with International Maritime Organization and International Shipping Federation working regulations.


Flexible contract and payroll system for multinational crew. Ship-to-shore payroll processing provides centralised control of wages scales and contracts.

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Manage your marine assets in real time, create work instructions, review planned maintenance, instruct certification, review activity and manage technical documentation.

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Critical data-led decision making for optimal vessel performance is key to your operational success, and with our complete source of accurate data, your efficiency won’t fall short.

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ShipSure is a web-based platform and provides access via a traditional desktop application as well as a mobile application, which operates on both iOS and Android.

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Support unique requirements of a marine operating environment.

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