Manage your marine assets, safety, risk, maintenance, environmental compliance, voyage reporting, procurement, logistics and vessel finance.

Procurement and Logistics

Manage your marine assets in real time, create work instructions, review planned maintenance, instruct certification, review activity and manage technical documentation.

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Used by seafarers on the vessel, technical superintendents and purchasing to raise and track requests for materials and services.

Purchase Orders

From Requisitions raised, the Procurement team place Purchase Orders with a selected supplier who can provide the best delivery and quality of goods and services to the vessel.


An automated process for receiving and settling invoices received from suppliers against the issued Purchase Orders.

Position list

Provides vessel tracking in real time, port and warehouse information in a graphical view which assists users in making the correct Ship Management and Procurement decisions for the vessel.

Category Management

Depending on the materials requested in a Requisition, this will provide an added service to Procurement, whereby specifically categorized materials will be automatically routed to an expert category buyer who will source the best supplier and costs for all vessels across the Group.

Order Splitting and Merging

At all stages prior to issuing an order, requisitions can be split or merged to improve procurement efficiency.

Supplier Portal (B2B)

An automated interface for the delivery and receipt of supplier quotes and invoices that assists with the efficiency of the Procurement process.

Integration with other applications

The ShipSure Planned Maintenance and Inspection Manager systems both integrate with the Procurement application. Both applications can link work orders and requisitions to specific jobs and inspection findings.


Different levels of authorization are built into the Procurement system and the mobile application for superintendents, fleet and purchasing managers. These are also dependent on security rights and authorization limits set for the vessels by the office and owners.

Ship Management

The Procurement section connects the ship and shore based operations enabling requisition of goods and services. Automated interfaces with suppliers enable review of the best option and efficient and effective delivery to the ship at an appropriate port.

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Certificate Manager

For tracking the permanent and renewal certificate associated with a vessel, ensuring they are valid and the vessel is safe and not prevented from sailing or trading.

Vessel Details

Provides a single source of key information about a vessel to support activities carried out by the crew and onshore fleet team.

Vessel Performance

Logs sea trials data to check vessel consumption in a loaded or ballast passage while the performance of the engine is evaluated, to give a fair idea if the vessel hull is fouled or the main engine requires maintenance.

Risk, Safety & Environment

Logs sea trials data to check vessel consumption in a loaded or ballast passage while the performance of the engine is evaluated, to give a fair idea if the vessel hull is fouled or the main engine requires maintenance. Ensure certificates, defects, insurance claims and all vessel details, drawing and e-forms are managed centrally.

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Defect Manager

For reporting defects and tracking repairs to ensure that they are properly managed thereby helping to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the vessel.

Environment Manager

For logging and reporting on discharges made by the vessel to sea and port to ensure compliance with legal requirements.


For managing and analysing of hazardous occurrences including accidents, incidents, illness, near misses, safe acts, and conditions and enforcement notices and, if appropriate, carrying out a root cause analyse and identifying and manage corrective and preventative actions.


For recording all inspections conducted on board the vessel and tracking deficiencies, observations, nonconformities and recommendations.

Job Safety Analysis (new in 2.0)

For recording all inspections conducted on board the vessel and tracking deficiencies, observations, nonconformities and recommendations.

Management of Change

Provides oversight and management of complex and complicated jobs for vessels to minimise the risk of accidents and incidents.

Risk Manager

For assessing and managing vessel related risks and tracking the control measures to eliminate or reduce the likelihood of them happening and their severity.

Voyage & Performance

Integrated risk management and job safety analysis, accidents, incidents, safety observations in line with OCIMF, HSE, OSHA and IMCA. Electronic environment logbooks for compliant MARPOL reporting.

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Electronic Engine Logbook

Captures key performance data that would otherwise only exist in paper logbook analysis to enable effective monitoring on-board and ashore of vessel machinery parameters, performance, maintenance, and malfunctions. This data can be used to provide a picture which facilitates decisions and actions that can optimise the performance of the vessels.

Position List

To provide vessel tracking, voyage mapping, port and warehouse information for vessels in a graphical view to allow users to make better Ship Management and Procurement decisions.

Voyage Reporting

For recording all of the information related to vessel activities and performance required for monitoring, analysis and management of that vessel. This information can be used to provide a report to demonstrate that charter requirements and other vessel operational requirements have been met.

Planned and Preventative Maintenance & Inventory

Ensure vessels are maintained through a structured planning process including the use of condition bases monitoring and equipment reliability index.

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To manage the hierarchical breakdown of equipment on the vessel and for tracking key information like manufacturer details, operating parameters, running counters, spare part requirements and maintenance history to ensure there is consistent and accurate data to support procurement and maintenance activities.

Consumables and spare parts

Provides the ability to view, track, monitor and administer Spare Parts/Consumables against the correct equipment, to provide accurate cost tracking and ensure that the parts are available to keep the ship safe and operational.


For managing and tracking requests for goods or services from requisition to delivery to ships to provide oversight to users. Full integration with Planned Maintenance System and Inventory ensures that the correct consumables and spares are ordered.

Component Rotation

Allows the vessel to track, record and monitor the rotation of components across various equipment on board the vessel to enable them to plan preventative maintenance tasks and reduce the risk of costly breakdowns.

Counter Readings

Available from various equipment on board the vessel and are used to monitor, predict and prevent and raise any issues with the equipment via planned maintenance to provide oversight of this for users.

Work Basket

For managing planned and unplanned maintenance work orders (jobs). Unplanned maintenance can be initiated from the breakdown, condition based monitoring or Inspection events.

Work History

Provides a history of maintenance for any jobs/work orders to allow users to access and analyse any previous issues that might have an effect on current jobs/work orders.

Work Orders/Jobs

For planning work on board a vessel for the day-to-day running and maintenance of the vessel to ensure that the efficient and effective operation of the technical team.

Vessel accounts

Financial controls and vessels account in real-time including electronic payment and invoice comparison with purchase orders.

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Accounts payable

Provides an accurate record of money owed to suppliers due to outstanding invoices approved for payment.

Accounts receivable

Provides an accurate record of legally enforceable claims for payment for goods supplied and/or services rendered that customers/clients have ordered but not paid for.

Agents/Disbursement ledger

Management of agents’ disbursements, receiving of estimated pro-forma and processing of actual invoice. This will be linked to Position List to add items for the specific voyage, for example crew mobilization, tug fees and so on.


For setting up and managing vessel budgets.

Chart of accounts

Chart of accounts definition to take into account of master/operating and client specific charts, which will be relevant for many modules of the system such as Budget / Accounts / Purchasing and so on.


Registration by operational colleagues and accountants of commitments made to ensure that all finance committed costs are taken into account in advance of actual invoice, provides owners with up-to-the-minute financial position.

Cross Company Transaction

Ability to create cross company transactions, ie. Affecting different accounting companies. As some clients share the same bank accounts this will provide improved automation.

Currency Maintenance

Enables the insertion and approval of currencies for use by ShipSure.

Fixed Assets

The management of fixed assets - depreciation, management of fixed asset terms, linked to the purchase order (PO) system.

General ledgers and journals

General Ledger provides a complete record of all the financial transactions for the vessel.

Month & Year End

Adoption of a Month End Controller to control the requirements for month end for clients based on auditing requirements and customer reporting requirements. This controller checklist will include a mixture of system related tasks and 'customer' specific tasks.

Purchase invoicing

Invoicing is used to process invoices from suppliers and reconcile them with purchase orders.

Purchase ledger

The purchase ledger contains the individual accounts of suppliers from whom the business has made purchases on credit.
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