The complete marine enterprise platform

Offering unmatched levels of control and transparency, ShipSure 2.0 has the power to transform your business and how you view the world of ship management. Developed in-house in collaboration with Marine Industry experts, ShipSure 2.0 is the state-of-the-art platform within the Marine Industry.

Data without limits

ShipSure 2.0 is an online digital service designed with a focus on ease-of-use and with connection to any terrestrial or maritime communications network. ShipSure 2.0 gives you top-line and granular data, ensuring you have the information you need. ShipSure 2.0 integrates and drives all aspects of ship management and crew management on-shore and on-board including, vessel accounting and procurement. Taking both automated and manual data feeds; the ShipSure application provides real-time data on the vessel’s safety, technical and financial performance.

ShipSure 2.0 Modules

ShipSure 2.0 is divided into sections and modules that provide access to automated and manual input data, updated in real-time, 24/7. While each module delivers the data-driven insight you need to drive performance improvements, integration between diverse data-sets gives you and your teams a powerful platform for analysing and defining trends to transform your business.

Key Benefits

Integrated platform

ShipSure applications are fully integrated enabling seamless management of all vessel aspects and seafarers.


The full picture in one place enables better decisions and proactive actions.

Unmatched vessel management database

Build on decades of operational ship management experience.

Reliable and reputable

Leveraging V.Group global scale and maritime expertise for continuous development of the platform.

Forefront technology

Web based build on HTML5. Intensive re-platforming investment over three years to emerge as an industry leading Marine Enterprise platform.

Low risk implementation

Typical time to implement ShipSure is two hours - on-board or in technical management offices.

Pre-defined templates

Existing templates on component hierarchy to ensure quick implementation of the platform.

The Digital Advantage

In a dynamic and cyclical market, operational, regulatory, financial and environmental pressures have created a thirst for insight and information. This is why ShipSure is committed to delivering enterprise class marine software products and services that enable high quality management of your assets and operational business challenges.

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